How to Upgrade OpenCart 2 to 3. A Detailed Guideline

8 min readAug 2, 2018


Have you ever dreamed of making your OpenCart ecommerce store more robust and user-friendly? Not a big deal. The developers of OpenCart have already done this for you. Valuable extensions, advanced features, new web page design tools and this is hardly a complete list of the updated version’s capabilities.

Regardless, there are some reasons to enter into the “Opencart 2 vs. Opencart 3” net discussion. If you upgrade Opencart 2 to 3, you will optimize your online store work and get an opportunity to fully utilize its potential. It is available for download and ready to go. However, these innovations may sometimes scare or alienate users. Do you still doubt? Let’s talk some more about the latest version’s features.

OpenCart Upgrade to 3: What Makes It Better?

Admin Marketplace

Now, Opencart Marketplace, previously available only on the official website, can be found on the dashboard. This smart move will provide convenient access to a variety of themes and plugins. The Marketplace includes the search engine. It can detect and select both free and paid modules, accelerating and simplifying this process.

Extension Installer

The new improved interface of Extension Installer has become much more comprehensible and user-friendly. But this is indeed not all Opencart 3 has to offer. The process of extensions installation for all users has been simplified. To ensure excellent customer service, a brand-new technology for modifiers and additions has been implemented.

You will be able to monitor, which Opencart extensions have been set, and browse its Filename, Date Added, and Action with new Install History section.

Enhanced Admin Panel Interface

Opencart 3 upgrading was mainly directed at interface modification. The most changes and innovations have been updated in this area to meet special consumer needs.

Website design has become compactly structured, with a small number of components. The updated profile menu provides a user icon. In the editing section, a customer can disclose its personal information.

In the latest version FTP tab was removed, as opposed to Opencart 2. Menu item Tools has been renamed to Maintenance. It is intended to backup, import and export data.

Multilingual SEO URLs

Attention should also be paid to the fact, that Opencart 3 supports SEO in multiple languages. This crucial updating solves the issue of URLs and search engines in one fell swoop. The latest version enables store owners to use for SEO whatever language they wish.

You must agree, however, this considerably simplifies the task, in the same way as a new SEO tab, conveniently located in the Categories section.

Cart2Cart holds powerful and progressive option, which provides products and categories URLs preservation while upgrading Opencart 2 to 3.

Greater Design Flexibility

Is your imagination so boundless compared to the limited styling opportunities of your eCommerce shopping platform? Forget it. Two new web page design attachments would open you up to new possibilities.

Using Theme and Language editors, the store owner will be able to customize its site according to individual interests quickly and easily. Corrections, layout features, translating content and anything else considered noteworthy are at your complete disposal. And furthermore, it may be performed straight from the admin panel.

Theme Editor

Renewed Opencart 3 allows operating with profile templates directly within the admin area. Upgrading provides open Template Edit dialog, which should be filled in with the existing template’s details.

Good news for those, who are managing a multi-store system! Each sub-store and all products or descriptions can be modified individually. The wide range of Opencart themes will reinvigorate your web store design. In case you are not satisfied with selected changes, you can always Resent them and start from the very beginning.

But what counts, even more, is the integration of a modern template engine for PHP.

So, bid farewell to accustomed TPL and make Twig feel welcome. It is a reliable, flexible, multifunctional and fast editor. On the other hand, some non-expert users may find it a little bit difficult and unusual in the early stages of acquaintance.

Language Editor.

Opencart 2 provided users with a diverse set of functionalities, but there were shortcomings as well. For example, language files could be fixed exceptionally on the server. The latest version does not have that restriction. You will have access to these files and settings directly from the admin panel.

Supplemental Admin Filters

Before the upgrade, filters were available only with the use of special extensions. Get past it, Opencart moves on. Now it is possible to sort, exclude, specify different search parameters (which remain the same as they were in the previous interface), particularly for each search product. With the right search parameters, it is faster and easier to find a particular item.

Above all, there is a specific filter to manage comments according to several criteria: Author, Status, and Date.

Redesigned Backup/Restore Section

The interface of this section has been simplified, so even beginner would learn how to use it. As a result of updating, it seems to be more explicit, less cumbersome and unpleasant. All handy tabs, data, and functions are more self-explanatory and accessible.

Updated Statistics

Sales, Processing Orders, Complete Orders, Other Orders, Returns, Out of Stock Products and Pending Reviews are incredibly essential data to monitor sales figures and run a successful business. Based on these indicators, a store owner devises a strategy, analyses data and take necessary actions.

Improved Reports Framework

To provide servicing which is aimed at maximal speeding up of your operations, Opencart 3 offers the particular filter to choose what kind of report you would like to receive. The handy plate allows you to select individual parameters, suitable for your individual needs.

In Short

Concerning Opencart 3, it is commonly understood, that the latest changes were mainly directed at optimizing and streamlining. The most significant is comprehensive work with the website explicitly from the Admin. The updated platform is stable and secure to keep online. It offers its customers a guarantee of the quality and user-friendliness, renewed user-interface design, added templates editor, handy admin filter, a wide range of essential functions, etc.

Upgrade Opencart 2 to 3 innovates the system’s work and makes it easier to work with. If you are ready to reach a new level and migrate to Opencart 3, you will enjoy the blend of long experience and powerful innovations.

Ready to upgrade? Let’s find out how it works.

How to Upgrade OpenCart 2 to 3 Automatedly?

Got intrigued and wish to take your online business a level up with OpenCart 3? Here are the top benefits of the Cart2Cart automated migration service for you to consider:

  • Enjoy the wide range of supported entities while upgrading Opencart 2 to 3, among them: products and product categories, customers and orders, manufacturers and taxes, images and taxes, coupons and reviews;
  • Migration of multistore and multiple languages;
  • Cart2Cart is an official Opencart partner; therefore you do not have to worry about transferring data professionally and its security;
  • Many additional options for your online store work streamlining;
  • Cart2Cart will not obstruct your current store work. It can remain fully active during data migration.
  • Responsive 24/7 customer service and support will answer all your migration-related questions and give certain instructions on a 24-hour basis.
  • Cart2Cart is an extremely comprehensible and user-friendly service. You will have no difficulties, as migration can be performed in a few simple steps.
  • You will be pleasantly surprised by Cart2Cart flexible migration costs. It depends on the number of entities you wish to transfer to your new Opencart 3 store. You can check the exact price on the official website.

How to Upgrade OpenCart Upgrade 2 to 3. In-Depth Step-by-Step Guide

Please mind: we have replaced “upgrade” with “migration”, because this term is more suitable and proper, taking into account the specifics of the process.

Get your Source & Target stores ready

In other words, install your OpenCart 3 store with no extensions or apps, and find your current OpenCart 2 online shop credentials. Furthermore, register the Cart2Cart account and fill out your information. Besides, you can sign in via social media.

Select your Source cart

Setup Opencart as a Source Cart, enter your current store URL. For this type of migration, you should download the Connection Bridge. It provides access to your current web store information. Unzip and upload it to your existing OpenCart 2 root folder.

Select Your Target Cart

Choose Opencart as your Target Cart. Repeat a detailed algorithm of the previous step one more time.

Specify entities and additional options

Select the required entities you wish to migrate from your current Opencart online store to a new one.

After taking this step, you will be offered to choose unique options to promote your web page even better.

Start Free Demo migration

Note: Implementation of this action is up to you.

Now it’s time to try C2C service in action. Press the Free Demo Migration button, transfer the limited amount of entities and check the result. You’ll also get the email notification with Demo Migration results.

Perform Full Migration

Congratulations, your dream store is two minutes away from coming true. If all requirements are implemented, and you are entirely pleased with the result, which exceeds your highest expectations, launch a Full data migration.

The eCommerce database transition will start immediately. It takes up just to a couple of hours, but in so doing it does not impedes the running of your current store.

To Conclude

You will be relieved to know that all technical part is completely behind you. Enjoy your new Opencart 3 store and profit from it. Its new opportunities and perfect Cart2Cart service could make this option technically feasible and economically viable.

Opencart is a robust, reliable, flexible and easy-to-use eCommerce platform. It allows taking advantage of 13000+ modules and themes, free downloads and updates, unlimited products and categories. But if you want to operate it at full capacity and do your best, we can give you a hint. Upgrade it to the latest version, and you won’t regret this decision.

We are always happy to make your dream closer. Entrust the migration of your store to Cart2Cart professionals. Don’t put off your success!




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