Magento to Shopware. 3 Common Scenarios + Detailed Guide [2021]

How to Perform Magento Migration to Shopware? 3 Paths

1. Manual Import/Export

2. Hire an Expert

3. Use tools/services

Preparing for Shopware Migration

Magento to Shopware Migration. Cart2Cart Route

Provide the Source & Target carts details

  • Provide the stores’ URL addresses by copying them into the corresponding fields.
  • Download and install the Connection Bridges. When done, upload these Bridges to the Root folder.

Choose the data you want to migrate

  • Products, product categories,
  • Manufacturers, taxes,
  • Customers, orders, reviews,
  • Multistore, multiple languages (please note that Shopware has only two default languages — English and German. Other languages can be downloaded here).
  • CMS Pages.

Select additional options to improve the overall result of data transfer

  • Skip product thumbnail image migration — it will help you prevent data duplication on your Shopware store.
  • Preserve order IDs on Target Store — lets you import order IDs from Magento to Shopware.

Run the Full Store Import

Post-Migration Considerations

  • run a Shopware data audit for possible errors and inconsistencies;
  • go through SEO requirements (301 redirects, 404 pages, sitemap, etc.);
  • expand the functionality of the new store by installing the third-party integrations and apps,
  • Place test orders on your site and perform several test transactions;
  • Test your site across all popular browsers (PC, Mac, etc.) and on mobile (particularly on iOS and Android);
  • Don’t forget to check your page loading speeds;
  • Monitor your old Magento store for the new data that might have appeared during or after the migration. Our Recent Data Migration Service may assist you in transferring it to the new cart.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Does the service preserve IDs for products, customers, and orders during the migration to Shopware?
  1. Can the Cart2Cart migration tool migrate from Magento to Shopware my customers’ credit card information?
  1. Will the imported data be deleted after the migration?



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