Upgrade OpenCart to the Latest Version Stress-Free [+2021 DIY Guide]

How to Upgrade OpenCart with Cart2Cart?

Cart2Cart is a totally automated web-based and user-friendly tool that allows simplifying the process of eCommerce data import to a few easy-to-do steps.

  • This migration service is the easiest possible way, offered by the current eCommerce market, to upgrade/migrate your database between 85+ shopping cart solutions.
  • Having performed 250 000+ successful switches, the service offers the largest list of transferable entities.
  • It offers a self-service model where you only need to provide the stores’ access details, choose the data entities you want to migrate/upgrade and it will do the rest.
  • And finally, you can check the quality of data export and test the service by performing a Free Demo OpenCart upgrade. During test data transfer a limited number of entities will be moved from your current Opencart store to a new live OpenCart within 30 minutes.
  • Products, product categories,
  • Manufacturers, taxes,
  • Customers, orders,
  • Coupons, reviews,
  • Multistore, multiple languages, etc.

Set Up the Source & Target Stores

To initiate the OpenCart upgrade, you should specify OpenCart as your Source and Target store and provide the stores’ URLs in the matching fields of the migration wizard. Once done, connect the stores with the help of the Connection Bridge ( (a so-called “gateway” for accessing your stores’ data)).

Specify the Store Entities and Migration Options

Now it’s the right time to choose the store data you want to be imported to the new OpenCart store. When done, expand the export data possibilities with the help of the additional migration options:

  • Pick the “Migrate categories and products SEO URLs” option and save all your OpenCart links structure to the products on the new store;
  • If you want your customers to log in to the new OpenCart store via their credentials, the option “Migrate customers’ passwords” might come in handy.
  • Specify the “Preserve product/category/customer IDs on Target store” option and save the current OpenCart store product/category/customer IDs on the new store after migration.

Perform Free Demo OpenCart Upgrade

Once you’ve specified the entities and migration options, you can benefit from the Demo migration. This opportunity allows observing the service in action and seeing how the imported data will look like on the new OpenCart store.

Proceed With Full Migration

If you find yourself totally satisfied with the results of Demo migration, it’s high time to initiate Full migration by activating the “Start Migration” button.

OpenCart Upgrade: FAQs

How can I be sure of my store data security during the migration?

  1. Log in to your Cart2Cart account.
  2. Navigate to My Migrations List.
  3. Find the needed migration where the demo is finished, and activate the “Continue Migration” button.
  4. Once done, return to the second step of the Migration Wizard “Demo Migration” and press the “Start Demo Migration” button. The Demo transfer will start over again.



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