How to Migrate From Wix to Shopify [2022]

How to Migrate From Wix to Shopify

  1. Launch the app and link your source cart (Wix) to your target cart (Shopify)
  2. Choose the data entities you want to migrate and all other relevant migration options
  3. Select the Free Demo option to test out the process and get a feel for how it works
  4. Initialize Full Migration to move the data in your Wix website to your new Shopify store

Wix vs Shopify: Why Choose Shopify Over Wix

  • Wix — It is a fully-hosted, paid eCommerce solution marketed toward startups, small businesses, individual sellers, and freelancers.
  • Shopify — It is a fully-hosted, paid solution designed for larger businesses with plans to scale in the future.
  • Wix — The platform is extremely easy-to-use and comes with a built-in drag-and-drop website builder to get your store up and running.
  • Shopify —Shopify’s learning curve is steeper than Wix’s, although this can be attributed to its powerful built-in functionalities.
  • Wix —Wix offers 100+ online store templates, all free to use.
  • Shopify — The platform comes with 70+ free and premium professionally-designed website templates.
  • Wix — The Wix App Marketplace has 100+ integrations for online sales, marketing, content & media, events & services, communication, design, analytics, etc.
  • Shopify — The Shopify App Store has 6,000+ apps for marketing, conversion, store design, store management, merchandising, fulfillment, shipping & delivery, etc.
  • Wix — It supports 50+ payment gateways, including PayPal, Square, Stripe, Wix Payments, etc. Wix Payments does not impose any transaction fees.
  • Shopify — It supports 100+ payment gateways, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Stripe, Amazon Pay, Shopify Payments, etc. Unlike Wix Payments, Shopify does impose a fee for every transaction.
  • Wix —Wix has an impressive Help Center with hundreds of video tutorials and articles. There’s also 24/7 support available via live chat.
  • Shopify —Shopify provides 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone, email, and social media. The Help Center is also chockfull of resources and video tutorials. You can also ask other users on the community forum.

Wix to Shopify Migration Checklist

Manual Migration

Assisted Migration

Automated Migration

  • Supplier and manufacturer details
  • Products
  • Product categories
  • Order details
  • Multistore details
  • Customer reviews
  • Customer details
  • Coupons
  • CMS pages

What Migration Method to Choose

  1. Cost: What budget are you working with, and can your business afford it?
  2. Data protection: Will all the data you had in your previous store be transferred in its entirety to your new store?
  3. Downtime: How long will the migration run for, and will your customers still be able to complete orders during this period?
  4. Customization: Will customers recognize your new store, and will it retain its previous customizations?
  5. Integrations: Will the extensions you had previously installed on your Wix store work on your new Shopify website?
  6. Themes: Will you be able to retain the same theme and layout your old store had once you migrate to the new platform?
  • Customization— The layout and functionality of your old Wix store will be retained after migrating to the new platform.
  • Integrations — All integrations and apps that were previously installed on your old store will automatically be installed on your new site.
  • Themes— Cart2Cart retains the same familiar interface you had on your old Wix website once you transfer to Shopify.

How to Prepare for Wix to Shopify Migration

1. Manage Your Wix Store

Back-Up Store Data

  • A database backup: This method involves backing up the data in the database only.
  • A database and media backup: This method backs up the database and media folder information.
  • A full system backup: This method backs up the information contained within the database, media folder, and the complete file system.

Perform a Data Audit

Validate the Access Credentials

2. Prepare Your Shopify Store

Set Up Your Shopify Site

Pick a Theme

Install the Necessary Apps

How to Migrate Wix to Shopify in 5 Steps

1. Connect Your Shopping Carts

  • Go to Source Cart Setup
  • In the Source Cart field, expand the drop-down menu and select Wix
  • Then, download the Connection Bridge plugin and install it to enable the source cart and target cart to communicate
  • Go to the newly-downloaded file and unpack the folder labeled
  • Extract the bridge2cart folder and import it to your Wix store’s root catalog using an FTP client
  • Confirm that the connection to your source cart has been enabled
  • Go to Target Cart Setup
  • In the Target Cart field, expand the drop-down menu and select Shopify
  • Click Install Plugin to download the integration labeled Migration for Shopify
  • Once it downloads, install it to activate the connection to your Shopify store

2. Select Data for Migration

  • Product data, including description, price, and images
  • Product visuals including shape, color, and size
  • Apps and integrations
  • Purchased items list, payment information, and price
  • SEO configurations and site redirects
  • Static site pages such as About Us and Contact Us

3. Specify the Additional Migration Options

  • Migrating the categories in your Wix website to the Automated Collections in Shopify
  • Maintaining the functionality of the URLs in your old store by creating 301 redirects in your new Shopify site
  • Preserving the ranking of your new store on Google and other search engines by keeping their link structures and migration SEO URLs

4. Map Customer Groups and Order Statuses

  1. Go to the Stores Mapping Window on Cart2Cart and pick the Wix data category you would like mapped onto your new Shopify store.
  2. Next, pick the corresponding categories in your newly created Shopify website.
  3. If the categories you need are not available in the target store, you can create them by clicking on the relevant buttons.

5. Run Free Demo / Launch Full Migration

How to Migrate Products From Wix to Shopify

  • Name, Product Description, Image Description, Manufacturer, SKU
  • Meta Description, Meta Title
  • Base Image, Additional Images
  • Actual Price, Discounted Price
  • Variations (Images, Weight, Discounted Price, SKU, etc.)
  • Status, Quantity, Manage Stock
  • URL

How to Export Orders From Wix to Shopify

  • Product details, including the ID, Quantity, Status, and Price
  • Shipping address details, including the First Name, Last Name, and Billing/Physical Address
  • Customer details including the First Name, Last name, Billing/Physical Address, and Phone Number

Wix to Shopify Migration Checklist: What Should You Do Once the Migration Is Complete

1. Test Your New Shopify Store

  • Is the domain name live and active?
  • Are all the navigation links working as they should?
  • Are all the products in each catalog visible?
  • Is the onsite search function working properly?
  • Are the links in the headers, footers, site pages, and menus correct?

2. Install the Apps You Need

3. Invite Customers to Reactivate Their Accounts

Wix to Shopify Migration. FAQs

How to Migrate Wix to Shopify

  1. Enter your Wix site’s URL and then download and install the Connection Bridge Plugin to link your source cart to your target cart
  2. Select the site data you want to transfer to your new Shopify store
  3. Choose any additional migration options you might want your new store to have from the list displayed
  4. Map the order statuses and customer categories in your Wix store onto the newly created classes in your Shopify store
  5. Launch the Cart2Cart Free Demo and then run the Full Migration afterward

How to Migrate Products From Wix to Shopify

Why Migrate From Wix to Shopify




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