How to Become Happy-Go-Lucky via CS-Cart to Shopify Migration

  • the smoothest way on how to perform automatic e-commerce platforms’ migration;
  • detailed CS-Cart vs Shopify comparison;
  • advantages and disadvantages of migration to Shopify.
  1. It’s open-source ecommerce solution. You’re free to perform any changes — to add or to delete something to make the e-store look even better. CS-Cart is a PHP e-solution with the MySQL database managing system and Ajax technology used for traffic reduction and interface convenience.
  2. Straightforward and intuitive admin panel. Here you’ll never face the “How to find this?” problem because all the options are just a few clicks away. Even the most inexperienced user will cope with CS-Cart and feel him/herself freely with it only in a couple of hours.
  3. Always up-to-date. CS-Cart support must be highly estimated. Their team with the latest server technologies will make everything to protect the e-store from hackers and other issues. With minimum 6 updates per year, CS-Cart continually cares about becoming better and more advanced.
  4. Budgeted cost. Yes, at the beginning it seems that CS-Cart is cheap and affordable for everyone. But there’s a hidden issue. Initially, there is a free trial period to give users the opportunity to test the shopping cart and decide whether is it suitable for their business or not. After this, to create the larger storefronts or make any modifications with add-ons, you’ll meet additional charges. One more good thing with CS-Cart — 30-days guarantee for all customers, which characterize service as a reliable one. Further pricing is divided into CS-Cart lifetime cost ($385) and Multi-Vendor plan — for $1450 lifetime price. A little bit costly. That’s the first reason why this e-commerce solution loses their potential clients.
  1. It’s hosted ecommerce solution. No worries about managing every aspect concerning shopping cart, its functionality, and all the technical things. Platform provider supports all of them. Hosted solutions are more comfortable in using, and if you’re not a tech guy, the better idea is not to waste time, money and efforts with self-hosted platforms.
  2. It supports multiple languages. Did you know how many customers go away from your store just because the interface language is unfamiliar to them? Why lose customers? Numerous languages are what enlarges store’s audience significantly.
  3. Shopify designers have created more than 100 professional templates. And that’s not all. Enjoy!
  1. Troubles with payment processes? We’re convinced: with a lot of payment gateways available here will make the problems disappear.
  2. 24/7 reliable, always ready to help support is an excellent work of Shopify-team.
  3. Would you like to try something in advance before buying it? Like we do it before buying fruits, vegetables, etc.? Yes? Shopify’s team has the same opinion, that’s why Free 14-Days Trial version is waiting for you.
  4. Why is your BF? No, not that person you’ve thought at first. Your Mobile device is your best friend. You’ve already known what I mean — Shopify is mobile friendly and there’s nothing to add. That’s wonderful!
  1. It’s never enough on the way to perfection, so Stripe and 3rd party integrations always are the winning solutions.
  2. Never underestimate the possibilities of blogging. You may even not realize how helpful it is. Shopify provides its users with the Blog supporting function, and we highly recommend not to ignore this opportunity.
  3. SEO optimization, keywords selection and many more bring Shopify’s store owners a stable success and income from day-to-day. Join them, and you’ll never be sorry.
  4. Keep in touch with your clients via MailChimp or other Email providers. It’s convenient and definitely will save a lot of your time.
  5. Responsible business owners, like caring mothers, always have to treat their customers. The best way to do it — use coupons and discount codes. This Shopify’s function will cope with task perfectly.
  6. Even the incredibly profitable business risks to crack if there no control and reporting, The platform’s Analytics reporting is the last but not the least its benefit from our list.



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