Magento eCommerce giant has officially shut down the support for Magento 1 in 2020. Therefore, those merchants having their stores settled on Magento 1.x potentially leave the doors open for surprises in the form of security threats, lack of updates, minimal to no developers’ help, etc. If you want to upgrade Magento 1 to Magento 2 (which is highly recommended) but don’t know where to start, you’ve landed in the right post.

In case you’ve decided to leave your current Magento platform in favor of another eCommerce solution but find it hard to decide which shopping cart to stick with…

Magento and Shopware both enjoy the fame of being powerful and highly scalable software solutions that allow entrepreneurs to build and effectively manage their e-businesses. In a nutshell, Shopware suits better to small & medium-sized companies, since it is easier and cheaper to run. Magento, alternatively, better meets the demands of medium and large enterprises that aren’t afraid of financial investments and asking for developer’s help.

Thus, if Magento’s complexity has become overwhelming for you and you’ve decided to benefit from the advantages of Shopware, this post will definitely help you replatform without hiring an expert.

How to Perform Magento Migration to Shopware? 3 Paths

After a quick Google…

With Shopify being the dominating Target platform according to Cart2Cart migration statistics, we’re often asked by our clients what they should do next after migration, and how to get ready to launch their new Shopify store. To help with this, we’ve put together a beginner’s guide with tips on how to set up your new Shopify store right after you’ve transferred the data from your previous store into it.

We’re going to focus on just the most important things and skip the less critical aspects so that you can start selling as soon as possible.

Start customizing your new Shopify store

Configure payments

With Adobe Business Catalyst closing on September 26, 2021 — all websites/data on it will be removed with no comeback button. Therefore, if you don’t want to lose your data, it is advised to choose the alternative platform and perform the data migration to it. For those who haven’t decided yet which eCommerce engine to choose, we have a couple of ideas and an actionable plan.

Founded in 2004, Business Catalyst has worked as an excellent foundation for creating and managing different types of websites. …

So, you’ve decided to start an online business, or, probably, your current platform no longer meets the growing eCommerce market demands. Either way, you came here looking for an answer — how to choose the best eCommerce platform to settle your store on. Thus, today we’ll explore a multi-functional solution’s main features and provide you with the best examples among the popular shopping carts. Read on to find out more!

Questions to Ask When Choosing the Best eCommerce Platform

The variety of eCommerce platforms is striking these days, and it takes a lot to choose the perfect one. Unfortunately, there’s no all-in-one solution that would suit every online merchant…

If you’re thinking about expanding your WordPress project with eCommerce functionality, you might probably find WooCommerce to be one of the best go-to solutions. Read the post to discover amazing WooCommerce statistics, explore the reasons to migrate to WooCommerce, how it fares with its major competitors like Magento or Shopify, and many others.

WooCommerce has been an increasingly popular choice as an eCommerce engine for modern online retailers. From hundreds of shopping carts that are currently available on the web, it is considered to be a frontrunner for settling an online business in the last few years. …

If you own a WordPress-based website and wish to enter the eCommerce universe, you’ve landed in the right post. Read on and discover how to integrate Shopify with WordPress and benefit from this collaboration.

Why Combine WordPress and Shopify?

WordPress is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to publishing and blogging. Still, it doesn’t provide you with the out-of-the-box features for online trading. Extra functionality is achieved with the help of plugins like the WooCommece. It ranks first among the eCommerce platforms and encompasses 29% of the worldwide market.

Yet, WooCommerce would better suit more technically advanced users. These people know how to…

If Shopify migration is on the horizon — take time to read the post and get all the eCommerce migration-related questions answered. Hence, you’ll perform the switch error-free and, as a result, take your online business a level up with Shopify.

Launched in 2004, Shopify is the leading eCommerce software that powers more than 1,500,000+ active businesses of various shapes and sizes all over the world. Such leading companies like Budweiser, WaterAid, The Economist, Sunday Somewhere, Tesla Motors, Red Bull, Gymshark, and many more are settled on this ecommerce solution.

The platform contains a wide array of capabilities at a…

With the dawn of the Magento 1 era, it is exceptionally important to consider your further steps. It is possible to stick to the older versions of the software. But you’ll find yourself experiencing a number of problems, including the lack of updates, security patches, minimal to none developers’ help, etc. Contrarily, you can upgrade your current store to the latest Magento 2.x (which is highly recommended). Therefore, in today’s post, we’ll cover the most popular Magento migration tools and provide you with helpful tips to simplify your replatforming experience.

Magento Data Migration Tool — a Solution for Techies

The official Magento DevDocs suggest users take advantage of the…

If you need to import products to a Shopify store, you’ve landed in the right post. Read the article to discover not only the key methods but also the ways of moving products to Shopify.

According to the migration statistics of Cart2Cart, Shopify is the dominating eCommerce solution that merchants usually choose to migrate to. Therefore, some clients face a big question of how to import only products to Shopify, leaving all the other store entities behind.

In fact, there are two ways of importing products to your Shopify store:

  • Import a CSV file with your products to Shopify.
  • Directly…


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